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Wireless Home Security: A Smart Idea

Written by TommyBarker on October 12th, 2013

Wireless Home Security: A Smart IdeaProtecting your home should always be a top priority in life. One way to achieve this is by installing a home security system. Finding the best alarm system to improve the safety of your home can sometimes be a difficult task.

One of the first decisions to take is choosing between wired alarm systems and wireless home security. Recently, wireless home security has become the preferred choice for many households, as per countless wireless home security reviews available online. Here are some reasons why wireless home security can be a smart idea for your house or apartment.

Affordable price:

Although wireless home security is commonly thought of as more expensive, it is currently becoming increasingly affordable. Also, some companies offer attractive economic packages for people who are looking for a basic, yet functional alarm system.

You can choose a small kit at a reasonable price if you only wish to protect the most vulnerable spots in your home, such as doors and windows.

Easy to install:

Thanks to simplification and self-installment kits, wireless home security systems can be installed relatively quickly, without the need of hiring an expert. Because there’s no need for wires, wireless home security systems are easier to install than their wired counterparts.

Many users write in their wireless home security reviews that even somebody without technical or electric skills can successfully install a wireless home security kit in a few hours. You can also save the trouble of digging and drilling around your home. Later on, if you wish to remove or change the position of a wireless device, it can be done within a few minutes. This means that if you move to a new home, you can take the wireless home security system with you.


Wireless home security is very adaptable for any kind of house or apartment. You are free to place your equipment in the best places for you, without worrying about the restrictions caused by wires. You can place cameras or alarms inside or outside the house, as far as you wish, depending on your needs and the characteristics of your home.

This allows you to distribute devices strategically, in order to protect your home in a more efficient way. For example, wireless home security allows you to have cameras in places with high visibility. This is important because security cameras are excellent deterrents against potential burglars, and the more visible they are, the better.

Technologically advanced:

Wireless home security is the result of multiple technological advances and it is best suited to the modern lifestyle. This allows companies to include special options such as watching your security cameras online, while you’re at work or elsewhere.

Some wireless systems are equipped to work even in the case of a power outage; also, with no wires to cut, it is harder for burglars to disconnect the system. If you’re a technology-friendly person, any kind of wireless home security would be the best choice for you.


In short, wireless home security options are affordable, easy to install, flexible and technologically advanced in comparison to wired security systems. They will save you time and money while protecting your home effectively.

There are many different kinds of wireless home security systems, and many companies offering them, so before you acquire one, it is always good to shop around and choose the product that fits your specific needs. Read several wireless home security reviews before making a decision.

Cellular Home Security Systems

Written by TommyBarker on March 26th, 2013

Cellular Home Security SystemsThese days, cellular home security system has become a must have commodity which is superior to all the other technologies available in the market these days. The cellular home security systems are also known as wireless security systems because they use cellular technology.

Cellular technology uses signals to transmit information and to connect the devices with one another. Such devices do not need to be linked with each other through wires. Such technology is becoming more and more common with time, landlines were replaced with cell phones, radios, television use the same technology, airports use this technology to contact the planes that left and are coming. If we look at countless cellular home security systems reviews available online, we will learn that now the cellular technology of wireless security systems is replacing the wired security systems.

Cannot be “cut”

As we all know, wires are used to connect with each other. Wires can be cut and the security system can be disabled. It’s a dirty old trick many robbers know about. In case of cellular home security systems, signals used by these devices cannot be cut and the system cannot be disabled. Many users in their cellular home security systems reviews suggest that it’s very difficult to disable the cellular home security systems, thus making them more reliable and a good option.

Quick communication between devices

A huge advantage of this cellular technology is that quick communication is done between devices. For example, if fire starts inside the house, in the kitchen, let’s say, all the smoke detectors around the house will go off, even the ones in the garden outside, alerting everybody around the house, and outside the house to leave it immediately. If only one detector was to go off, then other members of the household would have no idea about the fire. These detectors use cellular technology and transmit signals and then communicate with the other detectors installed around the house.

Signals can be jammed

Although disabling the cellular technology is pretty difficult but it is not impossible. Jammers can be used by clever robbers to block the signals of these cellular home security systems. Although not many know about this, but few do, proving that no system is error free. Some users, from their experience, explain in their cellular home security systems reviews that when jammers are used, the signals are lost, thus making the house vulnerable.

Interference with the signals

Other devices like cell phones, Wi-Fi etc can interfere with the signals of these wireless devices. For example, a cell phone can interfere with the signals transmitted by a wireless camera distorting the footage when it appears on a screen, even if it disappears for a few moments, robbers can use this to their own advantage. You might have seen in many movies, witty burglars using this trick to rob bank or antiquities.


All in all, cellular home security systems have its own pros and cons, which can be best understood by reading cellular home security systems reviews. Installing these systems is the best thing and these should be installed in every home.